3 Absolutely Unique and Eye-Catching Condominiums in Singapore


Reflections at Keppel Bay

The unique and modern architecture of Reflections at Keppel Bay is truly a masterpiece, and the numerous awards for its stunning design and green efforts under its belt is no surprising feat. If this work of art hasn’t caught the attention of the world, it must have caught yours. With a mix of both sleek and curved glass towers as well as low-rise villa apartments, the condominium does not just offer exquisite views of the ocean and Sentosa Island for its residents but also a work of art for passers-by. In particular, the complexity of the towers means that the condominium looks different from every perspective, giving it a high sense of individuality.

The Interlace

Source: CapitalLand Limited

The Interlace

Jenga? We heard you. Named World Building of the Year at the 2015 World Architecture Festival, The Interlace features blocks stacked in a hexagonal arrangement, a complete shift from the usual skyscrapers we are used to seeing. These blocks aren’t just stacked haphazardly. Instead, they are stacked in a way that provides almost every unit with fantastic views of the surrounding environment. The boldness of the design creates an extensive network and highlights the importance of communal living in today’s society. If this isn’t unique, nothing else is.

Sky HabitatSource: Mairs, J

Sky Habitat

Designed by the legendary Moshe Safdie, the man behind the design of Marina Bay Sands, we wouldn’t accept anything less. This iconic development located right at the heart of Bishan redefines urban living and is set to leave a lasting impression as a modern classic. Sky Habitat’s most unique feature visually is perhaps its stepping towers which allows every residence views from different orientations. In particular, the overall design allows breezes to flow through and provides air circulation.