3 Things to Do when Choosing a Property


1. Walk around the neighbourhood

Sure, you are going to spend a lot of time in your house. However, since you are going to be passing by your neighbourhood quite a fair bit too, it is important for you to explore your neighbourhood by foot. Nearest MRT station, bus stops, supermarkets, playgrounds and shopping centres are definitely important but do also consider the feel and environment of where your house is located. Ask yourself – do you see yourself having a good time living in such a neighbourhood? Does it suit your lifestyle?

2. Visualise

Visualise your life in this house – where your things will be and how you will go about your daily life in this apartment. Is the place too cramped? Too spacious? Or missing something? Take your time to explore the apartment and think about how this house can possibly be transformed into your dream house, or how it cannot.

3. Take notes and pictures

Chances are you aren’t just visiting one apartment before signing the papers. As such, it is important that you take notes of what you like and dislike about the property that you have just viewed. Was there something that stood out and would like in your house? Or was there something you realized that you can’t live with? These notes and pictures will not only help you get a better idea of what you are looking for in a house but also enable you to make a more informed decision when choosing your new house.