3 Things to Take Note of when Buying a Resale Flat


You have finally found the house – it is well-situated, the size is perfect and you can imagine your family growing here! But hold up, here are some things to take note of before signing the documents.

  1. What furniture will be left behind and are they built-in?

That queen size bed – are the sellers moving it to their new home? What about the refrigerator? Or the television console? Needless to say, it is important to check what comes with the house so you can manage your expectations as well as your budget. Knowing what you have to purchase and do not need to purchase will do a great deal in your planning and finances. Additionally, if you intend to do a complete makeover to the flat and the flat comes with built-in furniture, this means extra costs for getting all of this built-in furniture removed.

  1. Any signs of a loan shark problem?

More than likely, there will not be an obvious “O$P$” scribbled on the wall when you’re there. If there is, it’s definitely ringing some alarm bells. More importantly, you should look closer if there is a new coat of paint covering up what might have been an “O$P$” mark. If there is indeed so, enquire with the seller about whether there is backstory to it. Perhaps you may want to even check with your neighbours to get the full story. And oh, check their walls too because their problems can easily be problems for you.

  1. What’s the noise like at different times of the day?

If you are pretty set on this particular flat, you should visit the flat not just once but multiple times, and at different times of the day. For example, you may be glad that you are closely situated to the MRT station. However, this may also mean noise throughout the day, and even more noise during peak hours in the morning and at night. Will you be able to live with such noise for the next few years? Because if peace is what you’re looking for, living close to the MRT station may not be that good for you after all. As such, make trips to the flat at different times of the day and gauge the noise levels.