3 Tips for Listing your House on Sale


Looking to increase the chances of selling off your property? Here are some tips to help you.

  1. Looking at data

Data is powerful and data influences many things. In particular, the transaction history of properties around you will be a key determining factor when you decide how much you want to list your house for. If you are in an area fetching around $500,000 for the same type of property, chances are you are not likely to get $700,000. Since the prices of properties fluctuate over the years, it is also important to consider how the economy is doing as well as significant events that occurred during a particular time period which influenced the prices of property sold during that time. When you are well-prepared with this data, it makes it easier to justify your selling price.

  1. Know the lowest you will go

It is very likely that some negotiation will have to take place. Unless you set a very low price, no one is going to take the offer price instantly. As such, you must seriously ponder over how low you are willing to go. Are you willing to take a $10,000 cut? What about $20,000? Have a fixed price and do not waver, especially in situations when buyers are looking to purchase urgently.

  1. Beautiful pictures

We are all greatly influenced by images. Low quality images will not make the cut and it is important that you make your house look as appealing and inviting as possible so that buyers will actually want to view your house. With so many properties for sale in the market, you have to capture your potential buyers’ attention with captivating pictures. Make sure you tidy up your house and take photos as if it was for a catalogue.