3 Unique Houses You Cannot Find in Singapore


Picture Singapore; picture houses in Singapore. You get more or less the same image no matter how you try to look at it it. Why not take a look at some interesting and somewhat unusual houses that cannot be found in Singapore, or can they?

1. Glass House in Tokyo

This house is indeed unlike any other. Extremely modern like its city, this house is also extremely transparent. That’s right, there is hardly any walls and features large glass windows, everywhere. We all love glass windows, especially those that start from the ground and reach the ceiling. Perhaps this house has too many glass windows for your liking. After all, a transparent house like this means a lack of privacy as just about everything in the house can be seen from the outside.

Source: http://earthporm.com/11-amazing-unusual-homes-youll-ever-see/

2. The Hobbit House in Wales

Talk about a house straight out from a movie! This house was designed to resemble that of a house found in Lord of the Rings. Not only is the house quirky, it is also eco-friendly as it only uses natural materials and is located in the heart of nature. The charm of the house is undeniable, but it may not be for everyone, would you fancy living in such a house?

Source: https://mymodernmet.com/drina-river-home-serbia/

3. House on a Rock in Serbia

This house has been perched on a rock in the middle of a river since the year 1968. Since then, it has withstood the forces of nature be it floods or strong winds. What meant to be a simple fix for a group of young swimmers who wanted a place to rest is now a famous tourist attraction for those that visit Serbia. Do you now want to visit this house too?

Let us know if there are any so-called unusual houses in Singapore or whether such houses can be found in Singapore too, we would love to know!