About Us

Over 6 years of experience, always putting our customers first, and offering unbiased advice towards directing the needs of our customers. Get to know the team serving you, and the value we bring to our customers.  

Our Core Team

Kenneth Toh


Kenneth joined Standard Chartered bank in 2010 as an SME banker to help clients secure Business Term Loans on Commercial/Industrial properties. In his desire to serve his clients better, he pursued knowledge and excellence in the fields of property management and investment, becoming a mortgage specialist for individuals and companies. This gained him a profound understanding of the shifting landscape of Singapore’s real estate market and its financial implications. He is equally adept in both residential and commercial property markets.

Kenneth believes in revolutionising the industry, with each and every mortgage. He advises his clients on how to ensure their mortgage loans meet requirements on TDSR. He has a passion for property investment, enjoys meeting people, listening to their dreams and finding solutions to support them in their goals to build their wealth in property.

Joreen Ng

Relationship Manager

Joreen is the Relationship Manager of Keyquest Mortgage. Her passion for real estate business coupled with her sincerity, honesty and the right attitude has equipped her with the right skills and appropriate knowledge to assist her clients achieve their needs and their dream home!

Joreen loves meeting new people and helping people to develop their strengths. She often goes the extra mile to maintain strong bonds with her client and readily offer advices even after they have secured the loan.

She is a strong believer of getting the best value for your biggest asset. With this in mind, every case is held in high regard. You can be assured she will do her best to get you the best and easiest financing or refinancing process.

Jian Shu

Relationship Manager

Jian Shu, joined Keyquest Mortgage in 2019. He believes everyone from different walks of life deserve to be well informed when buying their most expensive purchase, home. With the right skills and knowledge, he can create better value as well as savings for his client from the best interest package comparison and right time refinancing.

Jian Shu enjoy working with people and he believes that service doesn’t end when the case is close since mortgage loan is a long term commitment, so is our service to our clients.

Xie Weili

Relationship Manager

Weili is recognised for his knowledge and experience among his peers. He is often referred to as the "walking encyclopaedia” of mortgage loans, as a testimony to his comprehensive understanding of home mortgage.

Through his previous training in Engineering, Weili has acquired great creativity and excellent problem-solving skills. He puts them to good use when helping clients secure the right mortgage for their dream home.

Weill always makes people feel at ease and is committed to building longterm relationships, focused on growth and excellence, in service for his clients.

Lei Xiaoyu

Relationship Manager

NUS honours graduate, Xiaoyu has a well-honed analytical and critical mind. Every day, she applies her insights, experience and resources to help clients make informed financing decisions. She approaches her clients' challenges with enthusiasm and diligence, forging long-lasting relationships built on integrity and trust.

Precision, Personalisation and Peace of mind, these are her promises to you.

Her greatest satisfaction is to help people leverage their assets and grow their wealth through property management and investment.


Keene graduated from the University of Melbourne with a business degree and SMU with a Master of Science in Wealth Management. Prior to joining Keyquest Mortgage, he has years of experience in the financial services industry and has done work in product development, wealth management, and mortgage advisory.

“My earliest interest in real estate started during the mid-1990s boom and have been following the Singapore property market closely since 2006. Hence, it gives me a deep sense of satisfaction when my market knowledge and professional advice is beneficial to my clients. Their appreciation of my work is invaluable to me and motivates me further.”

During breaks, Keene enjoys traveling and has explored many cities around the world with his wife.


A young investor herself, Joy knows just how vital and advantageous a property investment can prove to be. She is always focused, aiming relentlessly to create winning outcomes and value add to her clients. Reliable and sincere, she often goes to great lengths for her clients, helping them to find the ideal solution to finance their home.

Her motto? Making a difference, one mortgage at a time.

Joy loves music, dancing and travelling. She has a beloved cat, named Egg Tart.

What we do?

We help you make the right decisions in applying for your mortgage loans. You don’t have to approach the different banks and enquire on their mortgage loan packages and rates. Instead, you need only talk to 1 of us and we can let you compare the rates and packages of 19 banks in Singapore that offer mortgage loans. We also assess your situation and help you apply for the relevant banks where you qualify. All this done for you with no service charges!


How We Work?

We are professionals well-versed with mortgage loans with over 6 years of experience. We monitor the mortgage market rates & pricing and review your packages to consider the latest regulatory changes. Our close relationships with 19 banks in Singapore offers you an unbiased view of what you need to know about your mortgage loan. You can also submit your income statements and documents with us once and we will assist you in applying for multiple banks at once.

Why Choose Us

We are a mortgage advisory company with 6 years of experience and counting, in providing our clients a wide range of solutions in making that decisive action for their property loan. Lowest Rates? Comparison among top banks? Valuation needs? Any mortgage related questions? You can count on us!

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