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KeyQuest Mortgage is an experienced mortgage broker well versed in all the trappings of Property Mortgage Loans.

As a link and liaison between property buyers and the 18 banks we work with in Singapore, we are experts in our field offering a wide range of professional services and innovative solutions. We go the extra mile in helping and closing buyers seeking loans for their new purchases as well as the refinancing of their existing properties.

As one of the best and brightest in our field, our well-rounded services include providing all necessary information for those seeking to secure a loan. With our professional help and guidance, they are able to make an informed decision of what is available and suitable for them.

refinancing mortgage partners
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Partner with us to drive more results for your clients

We guarantee the best terms of cooperation

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Priority For Our Partners

A sense of elevated urgency is the kind of support we give to our partners, assisting them with guaranteed priority. These include closer follow ups, quicker response, promotional packages and timely updates ensure our customer/partners needs are met efficiently.

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Value-Added Service

Linking up with KeyQuest Mortgage, our partners soon realise the collaboration adds value to the gamut of their services. In helping their clients find solutions to their property financing, would widen their scope of services. These connections and recommendations make them more indispensable.

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100% Trust and Confidentiality

Your privacy is our priority. We protect not only the client’s privacy but also yours, our esteemed partners. We pride ourselves in the long-term partnerships and more importantly, genuine friendships, forged in mutual trust, support, and integrity.

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