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How to Defer Your Mortgage Loan Payments Depending on Your Bank

KQM DIGI Mortgage Loan
As part of measures to ease financial strain due to COVID-19, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has recently announced that individuals can apply to defer their property loans. The application process and specific details will differ depending on the bank your m... Continue reading
Posted on April 4, 2020

Mature vs Non-Mature Estate – What’s the Difference?

KQM DIGI Property
When purchasing a property, a key consideration is where the property is located. In this case, whether it’s in a mature or non-mature estate. In most instances, the amenities available at mature estates often draw homebuyers to the area. However, there is much more t... Continue reading
Posted on February 29, 2020

HDB February 2020 BTO Launch – Sembawang and Toa Payoh

KQM DIGI Property
The Housing Development Board has recently announced the open ballot application for the February 2020 BTO launch. It consists of a project in the non-mature town of Sembawang as well as 2 projects in the mature estate of Toa Payoh. The 3 new projects offer over 3,000 u... Continue reading
Posted on February 15, 2020

3 Common Refinancing Mistakes You Must Avoid

KQM DIGI Mortgage Loan
Refinancing to a cheaper mortgage loan is not all rosy as it seems. In fact, you may be getting yourself into some trouble if you are not careful. Here are some mistakes you can and must avoid. Forgetting about Conveyancing Fees Refinancing isn’t free, you don’t ... Continue reading
Posted on January 31, 2020

3 Must-See Luxury Condominiums in Singapore

KQM DIGI Uncategorized
Condominiums are aplenty in Singapore. Luxury condominiums though are not like the ordinary. Even if you do not have the means to purchase one of these, why not go on a hunt for some of the most luxurious condominiums in Singapore? That is, if you have access to them. ... Continue reading
Posted on January 17, 2020