DIY Projects to Spice Up Your House


After staying in the same apartment for a period of time, it is inevitable that you begin to get a little bored of your house. Why not engage in some DIY projects to have some fun and change the look of your house?

  1. Paint your refrigerator

Now this might sound a little unusual but it is actually rather common, I mean why not? Most of the refrigerators you see look pretty much the same, they are plain and dull. Why not make your refrigerator an exciting piece in the house? Sure, this is going to take some effort but it may well be worth it. Of course, think twice, maybe thrice, maybe more before embarking on this project. If it doesn’t go well, you are going to have a big piece of appliance sticking out like an eyesore in your kitchen. However, if you decide to go ahead, then get excited and creative! There are many resources online to guide you as well as examples of people who have done the same so why not get inspiration from them?

  1. Paint the walls

DIY Projects to Spice Up Your HouseIf painting a single appliance is too easy a feat for you, consider painting the walls of your flat instead! Paint does wonders, and can make a huge difference to the look of your flat. Whether is it toning down a colour or adding a bold colour to liven up your space, colour will definitely help to change the feel and vibe of your flat. If painting the whole flat sounds daunting (because trust me, it’s a very tiring process!), consider working on one room first before moving on to more rooms! Maybe your child wants a room that is pink-themed? Now’s the time to do it.

  1. Build a bookshelf

DIY Projects to Spice Up Your HouseBookshelves can come in all sorts of shape and sizes. Whether is it a tiny one, a simple shelf, or one that spans the whole wall, the decision is yours. This will depend on the number of books, the feel you are going for as well as the size of your project. If you do not have books, then turn the bookshelf into shelves for storage or display!

Remember these projects don’t have to be completed in one sitting or a single day. They can take weeks and even months. What is important is that you enjoy the process! Turn it into a weekend family activity perhaps and create some lovely memories with your loved ones. When your project is completed, you’ll have a masterpiece that is the result of everyone’s hard work!