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Why use a Mortgage Broker?

In giving out loans, all banks and financial institutions give out advice on how they can help you. Naturally they will speak about their bank, about their offerings and about themselves; and effectively how you can work them. Mortgage brokers are experts in providing rates and advice from different banks and lenders, without charges. They offer a wide range of mortgage loans and rate options from a number of different lenders. At KeyQuest Mortgage we provide a holistic experience for anyone seeking to find a loan for new or existing properties. With an experience of over 10 years in the business we work across 18 banks and financial institutions in Singapore. We are partial only to what is best and most suitable for our clients. Right in the forefront of all prevailing interest rates, we are constantly updated by the banks on their latest offerings, often receiving the news quicker than the banks can update their own websites. Numbers aside, each and every loan package has its own set of terms and conditions, sometimes not as comprehensible to the lay person as he or she may imagine. Our professional team at Keyquest Mortgage will not only shortlist the most attractive and suitable packages tailored to fit your needs, we guide you through the jargon minefield and the lawful requirements needed to get a property loan.

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