The Executive Maisonette – not your average HDB flat


What’s bigger and better than your average HDB flat but still a HDB flat? Well, you got that right, it’s the Executive Maisonette. They do not just sound good – say it, Executive Maisonette – they are indeed the real deal.

No longer being built and highly sought after, Executive Maisonettes were replaced by the Executive Condominiums in 1995, making them exclusive and pretty much a rare gem. In fact, it was announced in 2012 that the government will not be building anymore Executive Maisonettes.

Covering a minimum of 1,500 sq ft in floor area (and up to over 2,500 sq ft), these two-story flats are as close as you can get to living in a landed property, without actually living in one. With communal living spaces on the first floor and bedrooms on the second, these flats are not just popular amongst big families but couples seeking more space too. And if you have a preference for mature estates, Executive Maisonettes are definitely located there, think Ang Mo Kio, Queenstown and more.

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