When Compromising on Space Does Not Mean Compromising on Quality – 3 Tips for a Small House


The scarcity of land coupled with the ever-increasing prices of houses in Singapore has resulted in an increase in the number of people living in smaller apartments. As we expect, there is a premium to pay when we demand more space in anywhere around the world, not to mention Singapore. A smaller house may not only mean a friendlier price tag but also less maintenance. How then can we maximise the limited space we have so that compromising on space does not mean compromising on quality?

  1. Add character to your house

You might have saved a lot of money opting for a smaller apartment, but this does not mean you have to continue to scrimp on everything in your house too. Be willing to spend more on articles that will allow your house to stand out and have character, be it art pieces or rugs. This does not mean throwing your money on anything pretty but making careful decisions to acquire items that will make a positive difference to your living space. Adding charm to your house does not mean breaking the bank too if you put in the effort to hunt for the best item.

  1. Storage and organisation

There’s nothing more unsightly than an untidy space. Knowing how to not only store your stuff but in a clever manner doesn’t take much skill with so many items on the market to help you do so. In fact, you may not even know that your stuff can be stored in a certain way! Browse through catalogues online and you will soon realise the potentials of your small but cosy space. With some creativity and a little help from these tools, your small space will not be able to limit you.

  1. Declutter

No matter how much you try to expand the limits of your space, there is going to come to a point where your efforts will no longer yield. This happens when you persistently accumulate things. As such, it is very important that you continuously declutter, getting rid of stuff that you no longer need and not making rash purchases. Remember, you only have a limited amount of space and if you continuously want more things, there will be a point where the only solution is a bigger house.