We are on a mission

We aim high and even though we are just 10 years old, we are setting our goal to be the leading mortgage brokerage in Singapore in the future.

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Weekly Sales & Leadership Training

We gather at the start of each week with a convivial breakfast followed by meeting. We share the latest news and fluctuations in bank interest rates, along with the weekly updates and sales achievements of the team.

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Industry Mentorship Program

All new inductees in company undergo training and an industry mentorship programme to familiarise them with the expected standards and service. For consistency and to maintain SOPs, all KeyQuest Mortgage personnel undergo these sessions.

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High Commission Share

Commissions are paid out to all personnel in the sales team. Rates vary depending on contractual terms of each employee.

Our Culture & Belief

KeyQuest Mortgage is still a small but growing brokerage with high hopes and strong ideals. Nevertheless the small team work closely together and bond over social gatherings and festive occasions. The working environment is friendly and the more senior / experienced members are quick to lend help and advice to the newbies. For the convenience and quick reference, there is a regular group chat on WhatsApp for queries and updates to ensure the whole team is always up to speed.

Where you fit in?

This three-step process will help you see if we're a match.

Step 1

Does our mission excite you?

KeyQuest Mortgage is a mortgage brokerage and our mission is to turn customers into clients. We offer them a holistic experience once they sign up, from taking them by the hand and taking them through the steps and process of getting a property loan. We also work closely with the banks to update us regularly with their individual interest rates and loan packages. We take the hassle off the clients’ hands and help them with the process of loan application in a smooth and convenient manner. We also work closely with property and insurance agents for their lead generation.

Step 2

Does our culture inspire you?

We are very much in the service industry and our culture is to be always helpful, polite and kind. In life there will always be good and bad clients and we remind ourselves to take it all in our stride. We try our best to pander to all their needs and requirements including providing them with helpful lists of lawyers, contractors and other peripheral services. We strive to keep our clients happy and assured so that they will return for our service when their loans come up for re-financing.

Step 3

Do you enjoy meeting new people?

Meeting and looking to meet new people will be a daily occurrence. From customers to bankers to marketing agents of different fields, the job entails and requires the frequency of seeing and meeting new faces as an essential part of the job, along with all the characteristics mentioned in Step 2.


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